Intelligent Transport Systems

Real-time Image Analysis

We present an intelligent solution for image recording analysis and data management, vehicle registration numbers reading, resident VIP parking, traffic violation, automatic entry system, logistics, advanced video analysis and connection to Access Control System (ACS). This solution fully fits into the “Smart City” concept.

Intelligent Traffic and Traffic Violation Management

Professional SCANNERA LPR solution for intelligent analysis of traffic and traffic violation. Designed for roads, highways and tunnels, for day and night operation.

Residental VIP Parking

Automatic registration and tracing of vehicles, parking duration, barriers and traffic lights control.


Registration of vehicles on the premises, identification of safety violations, attendance and access system.


Monitoring with time data and video recording. Advanced incident definition, customizable alarms. Synchronized video recording from recognition and surveillance cameras.

Entrance Zones

Registration of entrances and exits with defined processes precisely according to your needs.

Towns and Municipalities

Construction of the city’s camera surveillance system. Sectional Speed Measurement SCANNERA Speed, vehicle registration numbers reading, detection of traffic violation and connection to the database of the Police of the Czech Republic. Advanced traffic statistics, predictions and parking issues.