Intelligent system for entrance zones

Entrances and exits fully under control.
Vehicle registration number recognition and connection with the metadata along with visual information.

Automatic processes of preset functions (opening barriers, assigning gateways).
The connection with the database of the Police allows the search for stolen and sought cars.
Entrances permission management.


  • Advanced image recognition technologies are used to applying neural-based artificial intelligence. Night vision, visualization, archiving and data security. High quality of the documentation of violations.
  • It is a Czech product developed in cooperation with universities, police and administrative authorities.
  • We offer a central or distributed solution, regional technical support and local legislation knowledge.
  • Simple maintenance
  • Turnkey solution.

Main Benefit

  • Increasing the value of investments already made in the camera system infrastructure.
  • Traffic safety improvement.
  • Reducing harmful levels of emissions and noise.
  • Line control and traffic flow.
  • Proven and reliable technology working 24/7.
  • Low power consumption.