Intelligent system for industrial use

Strengthening the safety and automation of industrial operations.
Detection of the vehicle registration plates. Overview of the vehicles on the premises with time and picture record and entrance permission management.

Vehicle registration can be connected to the customer’s attendance system.
Identification of the violations of security rules with the possibility of an alarm.

Automatic processes of preset functions:

Opening the barriers.
Guiding the vehicle to a designated location, e.g. ramp, parking area.
Iincl. parking time monitoring.

Management and interconnection of the internal logistics and warehouse system.

Timely delivery, optimization of input times, coordination at entrances and access roads,
minimizing physical operation.

Recognition of the ADR tables, truck cargo compartment seals, type of car,
cargo check and recalculation, damage record.


  • Advanced image recognition technologies are used to applying neural-based artificial intelligence. Night vision, visualization, archiving and data security. High quality of the documentation of violations.
  • It is a Czech product developed in cooperation with universities, police and administrative authorities.
  • We offer a central or distributed solution, regional technical support and local legislation knowledge.
  • Simple maintenance.
  • Turnkey solution.