scannera traffic

Intelligent Traffic and
Traffic Violation Management

SCANNERA LPR → AI system for automatic number plate recognition and categorization of vehicles.
Weighing the weight of a moving vehicle on the road.

Our product delivers an advanced technological system for electronic toll collection and provides quantitative metrics. Scannera LPR AI system with its dedicated software can process and continuously analyse all key metrics for independent measuring and data collection on toll roads.

  • MMR / recognition and categorization of vehicles by defined criteria.
  • ANPR / recognition of number plates including vehicle’s country of registration.
  • Recognition of vehicle by make and model.
  • Recognition of vehicle by colour.

The connection with the database of the Police allows
the search for stolen and sought cars.

Automatic detection of a traffic violation:

Red light pass
Driving in the opposite direction
Non-compliance with the STOP road sign
Pedestrian zones entrance
Unauthorised driving in dedicated lanes
Sectional Speed Measurement SCANNERA Speed

Our system creates traffic statistics to analyse the further
transport infrastructure development:

Detection of stationary vehicles
Detection of an object in the road
Traffic density and congestion detection
Vehicle motion tracking
The traffic direction and intensity data acquisition
Traffic statistics of vehicle transit during the time
Vehicles categorization (passenger/freight) etc



The collected data is processed by advanced video recognition SCANNERA LPR using AI, based on neural networks. The system can also utilize night vision capabilities. The results are interpreted visually and automatically archived with a maximum data security solution. 

This system could be used in any application solution, e.g. integrated to a city CCTV system. The system analyses video footage 24/7 in any light (bright and strong light, dark, high contrast, uneven shadows) or weather conditions (rain, snow, sleet, sunny, overcast). It also successfully recognizes vehicles moving in high speeds (up to 200 km/h). These capabilities are giving toll operators guarantees of high success recognition rate based on given requirements.

We can offer centralized or distributed solutions with high-quality technical support including the knowledge of local legislation to implement. Our system is very low maintenance and we can provide custom solutions to meet any customer requirements.


Scannera LPR, čtení za dne


Scannera LPR, noční čtení

Real Applications

SCANLOCK have attended and won the tender in 2020 to provide the solution for toll road management in the Czech Republic. The main focus of the tender was on the real application in high traffic areas. Our product solution provided the best real-time results achieved 99.8% accuracy on the sample of 12,000 vehicles in the combined regime (Day / Night).

Main Benefit

  • Increasing the value of investments already made in the camera system infrastructure.
  • Traffic safety improvement.
  • Reducing harmful levels of emissions and noise.
  • Line control and traffic flow.
  • Proven and reliable technology working 24/7.
  • Low power consumption.