Intelligent transportation system for towns and municipalities

“Smart City” is a city that uses digital, information technology to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants.
It focuses on finding new and efficient usage of existing resources, reducing energy consumption,
in particular by eliminating environmental burdens, optimizing transport and sharing data for public purposes.

Towns and municipalities have the opportunity to effectively and efficiently address the annual increase in freight traffic and
the total number of motor vehicles by introducing components and measures to reduce or divert the transit traffic, e.g.
by traffic light signals, appropriate road signs or by the use of telematics, informative or transgression facilities and systems.


Sectional speed measurement

It is a passive certified gauge that is not detectable by any of the anti-radar systems. The device is used to measure vehicles’ average speed passing through a given measuring section within a particular time interval. Thanks to the central server architecture and individual measuring points design, the system can be easily concatenated and expanded for the future.
The primary purpose of these measuring devices is to increase safety and traffic calming. The practical experience indicates that after a year of the gauge operation, the number of offences may fall by up to half.

The product features

The system can be extended with the functionality of collecting additional traffic data for statistics and predictive algorithms. The product can determine the categories, brands, and colours of vehicles, including their models.
It can also be connected to other databases, such as a database of the stolen and sought vehicles, etc.
The multipurposeness of the video analysis technology is a major advantage in comparison with the radar and laser systems, which are single-purposed. Therefore, this system can be used not only to detect speeding, but it can also be used to connect to other telematics systems for traffic evaluation and management, which is a key element of today’s “SmartCity” traffic systems.

Basic parameters

  • Measurements between the individual points can be concatenated.
  • The measuring ranges from 1 to 260 km/h.
  • The length of the section is from 80 m to 15 km.
  • Two measured lines per camera.
  • Unlimited total number of the lines measured.
  • Operating temperatures range from -30°C to +50°C.
  • The largest measurement error up to 100 km/h ± 3 km/h.
  • The largest measurement error above 100 km/h ± 3% from the measured speed.
  • The output of the measured data is in a verified and signed PDF document.
  • Cooperation with the variable road markings.
  • We are processing the results using a browser-based on a secure web interface (without installing additional SW).
  • The ability of automatic data exports to third-party systems (e.g. automated traffic offences management).

Automatic monitoring and traffic situation statistics acquisition
with an emphasis on safety increasing:

Up-to-date traffic intensity information.

Area´s parking space occupancy solves the issue of residential parking and the choice of parking fee for guests.

It obtains traffic statistics to analyse further transport infrastructure development.

The connection with the database of the Police of the Czech Republic allows the search of stolen or sought vehicles.

The possibility of using variable road markings to control the traffic and
improve the traffic situation overall.
The transit traffic reducing or restricting.

Instantaneous speed measurement and sectional speed measurement.
Automatic detection of the traffic violation.
Camera surveillance system.


  • Advanced image recognition technologies are used, applying neural-based artificial intelligence. Night vision, visualization, archiving and data securing. High quality of the documentation of the violation.
  • It is a Czech product developed in cooperation with universities, police, and administrative authorities.
  • We offer a central or distributed solution, regional technical support and local legislation knowledge.
  • Simple maintenance.
  • Turnkey solution.

Main Benefit

  • Reducing traffic. Reducing harmful levels of emissions and noise.
  • Restriction or elimination of unwanted groups of vehicles.
  • Comprehensive functions and tools to comply with the traffic rules adherence and drivers´ positive behaviour.
  • System components are used for multiple functions, which significantly reduces overall costs.
  • Proven and reliable technology working 24/7.
  • Low power consumption.